Italian Restaurant
Riso Amaro
The "Riso Amaro" restaurant behind the castle of Fondi is a sensory adventure you have to experience.

Tasting menu

From the simplest ingredients come the most refined tastes.

With the tasting paths, both fish and meat, we invite you on a journey to discover new combinations. You might also marvel at rediscovering the pleasant flavours of your childhood.

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Chef Max tells his story

"Each of us brings our own life into what we do, with passion. With my dishes I try to give you a little taste of my constant journey, one course at a time."

The chef

The Restaurant

The elegance of simplicity, the castle as a pleasant setting and an outdoor room for summer evenings. If you wish, you can take a virtual tour of our restaurant, but to enjoy the aromas you have to come and visit us.

The Restaurant

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Enter our restaurant with the 360° Virtual Tour.

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